Time for multi-window desktop app

The PowerApps development environment is due an overhaul I think. Currently all is confined to a single web application window where errors, attributes, code, visual and application hierarchy must coexist, it just gets a bit cluttered. I know I find myself struggling for space when trying to debug errors and my function/code area is expanded such I cannot see the error panel, this i must close the code to examine the error, then reopen to begin correcting. Sadly, I lack one of those beautiful ultra wide monitors that arrived on the market in recent years.

To that end, I wonder is it time for Microsoft to launch a fully fledged desktop app that supports multi-window development? Where we might separate our code on to a separate window along with the errors panel, and others as required, bringing the “Power” to PowerApps. I hope they are considering this already on their roadmap, I’ve concepted this utopia below borrowing screenshots and someone who kindly looked like they might be coding in front of one of those beautiful monitors – I dare to dream, hey! Yet to convince work of my need.

PowerApps utopia? Being able to work in a desktop app and multi-window environment. Microsoft, please!

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