Into the Flow

As we get nearer to launching the Support Desk app I’ve been developing, I continue to refine and enhance Flows I have developed to support the app. In particular, I am enhancing those Flows that are built to inform our team of those tickets that remain open (status isn’t closed or rejected). My original Flow was more basic when developed, purely spewing out all items, formatting to a table and emailing that list:

Get Items
from SharePoint List; filtered to exclude Closed and Rejected; sorting
Specify those columns I’m wanting and use functions on some data
Create HTML Table
Apply a class tag to <table> tag
Send an email using Corporate Email

Whilst my initial attempt did work, there was a flaw in that all ticket types were listed together, that is those that had a a deadline and those that did not. I wanted to refine this further to draw attention to those with a deadline so we would pay attention to these first, then list less time-critical tickets below these. To do this, I needed to create a branch above the existing Get Items, thus two exact streams would exist building tables, one each for Tickets with Deadlines and Tickets without Deadlines, then at the the data would merge to create the email.

Daily schedule to produce a grouped list of open tickets

I’m still struggling with trying to format the URL that is created per line in the Select command. I’ve not yet managed to convert from vanilla URL to a friendly link (e.g. ‘LINK’). I’m not giving up just yet, hopefully before we go live I’ll find my nirvana, though at least it’s just our team and we can live with these links rather than farming them out to our user base.

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