Stumbling into context variables

As I was developing our Support Desk app, I decided I wanted to provide our Systems Team the ability to link directly to tickets from emails I was sending. I had found relevant PowerApps community support emails that detailed the information I needed, I added this to the relevant part of my Power Automate Flow.

Within the PowerApp I added the necessary code to check whether the Param(“theTicket”) existed before navigating to the relevant screen and providing relevant context variables. I thought that was going to be all I’d need to know – oh bless, not so. Initially, I could get the gallery to filter to just the specified ticket number, great, however I wanted functionality for our team to then eliminate this filter and then show all tickets once more. Here is where I stumbled, tripped and fell over context variables.

You see, I hadn’t read anything relating to these variables and had no idea really what they were, hence why they weren’t working for me as I thought they should. I had added a Filter Icon, when pressed it was supposed to disappear and reset the gallery so it has no filter applied. Hours later, once I worked out (stumbled upon) context variables functionality, all magically worked. Ironically, it involved my deleting variables that I was creating within the screen and relying upon those I was calling the screen with.

Over the weekend, I was doing some online training with Microsoft that provided further clarity to a variety of topics, which I forwarded to my work email account for reference. Still many modules to run through, which is good to have.

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