Versioning: There’s a catch

With developing our support desk app at work I’m often saving and have a habit of also just hitting publish, it was only me after all. A mistake perhaps, there’s umpteen million versions there now. I made a mistake the other day when doing something, I was merging the contents of my previous Category 1 Self-Assessment app and suddenly needed to revert, but which version contained the correct code? I honestly couldn’t tell.

In the end I was forced to revert to a time where I thought my app was likely last minus the issue but I wasn’t going to lose all my development efforts as well, a fine balancing effort.

Today, I was making some edits as I’d already noticed two of the combo boxes had lost their associated code, then checking I noticed all my additions associated with Concurrent() weren’t there, nor were some recent code connected with the merge. I’m going to be a bit more careful in future and will look to document code I use on screens so I’m not set back as I’ve been today.

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