Refine. Revise. Let’s restore

Following our first demonstration of the Support Desk app to our administrative teams the decision was made that perhaps allowing users to enter titles could get messy, let’s instead standardise via categories and hide the title field in SharePoint.

All sounded good at that meeting, until I went to implement within the app itself and noticed how our limited number of categories was going to appear in gallery listings used to show the tickets, and again in the area where managers and team leaders priorities tickets. Where before the uniqueness of each title made each ticket easy to read, now the category titles used was making everything confusing.

Speaking to my supervisor today in our regular catch-up, I suggested titles needed a revival within our app. So, we’ll be keeping both going forward, though will provide users with suggested text per category to try avoid junky titles being entered.

Next, to inflict upon several users for testing. Hopefully I.T. approves our service account soon enough so we can stop running under my personal one, always fun come password change time.

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