Old for new

Some years ago now I took over coordination of a research newsletter at work. When I first started in the office they were still using Microsoft Outlook and a listserv to handle distribution, old tech at its worst. Before taking over I worked with the then coordinator to move it to an email marketing platform.

The decision freed us from being tied to a desktop and an individual’s computer, it also enabled us to track user clicks for the first time – what is our audience actually interested in? Later, I developed an online form using Qualtrics, typically used in surveys, to allow people to submit articles for consideration.

Sadly, the notification emails I’d receive from Qualtrics were just awful. It was often easier to click the link within the email sent and wait for it to load rather than try read the email sent.

When we first started using PowerApps and other Office 365 apps I knew I wanted to investigate these for replacing Qualtrics. I had thought Forms the logical choice, however this is actually quite limited in its functionality, thus PowerApps was a more logical choice. With some quiet time yesterday I set to task and banged it out quickly, adjusting today with additional date fields to support events.

Once I confirm my right to deploy beyond our office, and set up a flow to email submissions, I look forward to finally progressing our submissions system.

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