Develop. Use. Enhance.

We’ve been using the Support Desk App I developed for about two months now, long enough to determine things we like and don’t like.

It’s funny how when you develop something at the time it can seem perfect, then you use it over and over and that feature comes to annoy and you want to replace it. For me it is the screen that lists all tickets in the system. I developed it such that it can list all tickets or you can filter to just a particular status, fine I thought at the time, however, as we got more and more tickets I really wanted to just see ‘active’ tickets, that is a grouping of all those tickets that weren’t rejected or closed; I hadn’t thought to include this.

Another feature I’m wanting to add to this same page is to limit the listing to those tickets assigned to me. One of my team highlighted I’d created comments within the system yet had forgotten to add notifications for when people added these; people expected this and were adding comments thinking we were being notified; I added a flow today that is relatively basic:

  • When a new comment is added to the comments list:
    • Get this item
    • For that item, get associated ticket to determine who creator was
    • Notify creator and systems team of the comment

I’ve also started on enhancements to logic associated with the gallery that is used to search tickets, swapping out IF statements for SWITCH as I implemented more complex logic to allow adding show active to the mix.

I still have enhancements to make to combo boxes, so far these have defeated me when connecting to my SharePoint lists and allowing me to limit to just our team, keep running into PowerApps talk to the hand 🖐🏻 ever helpful it is. Hoping to explore UI Flows at some point having set up our server with the requisite permissions last week.

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