Frustrated enhancements

Following on from yesterday’s development efforts I continued enhancing our support desk app with further features and changes we were keen to implement.

As I was developing it was frustrating the poor documentation on the PowerApps website, funnily enough there was the comment reflecting this from someone who mattered subtlety “incomplete documentation”. It’s poor they fail to document how to use features or attributes sufficiently, even sometimes at all, in this case I was looking for information relating to the ComboBox and setting default and defaultselected, there wasn’t a thing, you are expected to rely solely upon community documentation for support; thank heavens that exists, if you can find what you needed that is.

Today, I split functionality depending upon use when we look at ticket details, support team going straight to edit mode whilst users only view, thus we’re saving a click each time. Also, I added a new tickets list mode I should’ve thought to develop right up, active tickets. Having this listing makes such a difference now we have so many tickets in the system now.

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