Annoying forms bug

Wrapped up enhancements to our support desk app today, realising the edit screen reserved for our systems team lacked the comments section that was currently located on the view screen. We’d decided earlier in the week to optimise workflow by not requiring us to click the edit button to then take us to the edit screen.

So, when creating the new edit with comments screen today I came across THE MOST ANNOYING BUG in the forms dialog where you add fields and set whether they’re view/edit, and type of view/edit. Two of the fields are rich text fields, upon specifying the first to be rich text edit the field would then drop it and several others I’d added to the bottom of the list of fields. What the heck? The bug only occurs for the first rich text edit field and not when you set subsequent fields, but is seriously annoying.

Another annoyance is forms layout. Why if they auto layout can they not provide facility to specify this field should span n elements? Having to manually drag and then correct placement of things is so 1990s.

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